How do I use the Check Disk utility in Windows Vista

 Do you need to check your in Windows Vista? If so, the check disk utility checks your disks for integrity, bad sectors, and can recover information.

In order to check a disk in Windows Vista, right-click on the disk in question and choose Properties as shown in Figure A. and Figure B.

Figure A.

Figure B.

On the Properties page, click the Tools tab and click Check Now (Figure C).

Figure C.

Tick (Figure D) Automatically fix file system error and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors checkboxes and click Start.

Figure D.

You cannot check the disk while it is in use. You can perform a disk check the next time you restart your computer (Figure E) by choosing Schedule disk check.

Figure E.

Upon restart, (Figure F) the chosen disk is checked for errors and repaired if needed.

Figure F.


on reboot my machine will not check disk,it boot normally?


the nowaday harddrives don't need an error checking, while the manufactureres said so in the first place, if you still wanne, please do...


Your pc crashes/hangs/reboots and lets say you had downloads going or saving that 500mb photoshop file for example... any write activity will do. Pretty much you can be guaranteed of file corruption etc and errors that can be fixed only by chkdisk. I agree it is unlikely you come across bad sectors these days it isnt impossible. Should your hdd be portable in an enclosure and its not been getting the special care it deserves, try chkdsk :P


It is necessary when the defrag program says the disk is dirty, run diskcheck then re-run defrag. No I did not think this would be needed documentation, so I did not screen shoot it.

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