Internet Explorer zero day flaw can compromise Gmail

There is unpatched security vulnerability in Internet Explorer that could allow unauthorized access to your Gmail account.

Our colleagues over on ZDNet are reporting that there is a zero-day vulnerability that could allow a malefactor to access an unsuspecting user's Gmail account. This security problem is particularly troubling because all an attacker has to do is convince you to visit a Web site with the right code to activate it.

Both Microsoft and Google are on the case and working to patch up this security hole, but as of this writing (June 14, 2012) there is no patch yet.

Microsoft's bulletin on this vulnerability - Microsoft Security Advisory (2719615) - has this recommendation:

A Microsoft Fix it solution is available that blocks the attack vector for this vulnerability. Microsoft encourages customers running an affected configuration to apply the Fix it solution as soon as possible. Please see the Suggested Actions section of this advisory for more information.

Have you or your users reported any problems arising from this zero day vulnerability?


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Gmail users are most probably smart enough not to use IE in the first place. And, if there had been an issue with Firefox or Chrome, it would have been fixed already, and, therefore, a non-issue.

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Let's face it I know lot's of people still using XP and even my Father in law using Vista. Never has thought about using anything but IE. I finally got him trained on keeping things updated. This is the norm for a lot of users in the World. Not everyone is a geek or thinks as much about security or updates as probably most of us do. For that matter even know about these zero day exploits that could compromise their PC. I think the Apple fiasco shows how 600,000 computers can easily be infected and stay infected even after the press has gotten the word out. Some are like Apple users who feel they are immune or PC users who overly trust their Anti Virus security suite to stop everything.

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Is there anyone who uses Gmail and Internet explorer together?


given IE still has about 50% market share this a no brainer that people do!

HAL 9000
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Hundreds of Thousands of people who don't use IE and G Mail together. Way too many people use what came with their computer and since most are loaded with Windows they use the Browser provided. Col

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Conspiracy theorists like me will always assume Microsoft left the door open on purpose as part of its competition with Google.


I think Microsoft is getting back at Googlre by slowing down Windows systems with the crappy Google Desktop and Google Toolbars.

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin

Have you or your users reported any problems arising from this zero day vulnerability? What steps are you taking to decrease your exposure to this particular risk?