Poll Results: TechRepublic members look forward to Windows 8 tablet

In a bit of a surprising result, it seems TechRepublic readers are looking forward to a Nook running Windows 8.

In early May 2012, Microsoft announced that it was investing $300 million into Barnes & Nobel's Nook digital book business. Greg Shultz analyzed the potential of the deal for both companies, concluding that it could very well lead to a version of the Nook running Windows 8.

With the $300-million Microsoft investment in its digital-book business, Barnes & Noble will be in a much better position to compete with Amazon when it comes to purchasing e-book rights from publishers. With access to Barnes & Noble's vast retail network of 1,340 bookstores, which includes 705 Barnes & Noble superstores and another 635 college bookstores, Microsoft instantly gains a huge retail outlet for promoting its new Windows 8 tablets. This is especially true if one of those new tablets happens to be the new Nook Tablet -- Powered by Windows 8.

The poll question

I found Greg's argument compelling and tend to agree with his assessment in general, but I was curious to see what the TechRepublic membership thought of the idea. I was a little surprised by the results. It seems there is more favorable interest in a Windows 8 Nook than I had anticipated.

What is it about a Barnes & Noble Nook running Windows 8 that appeals to you? Do you think it will be a better product than the Kindle or just different enough to provide real competition that will drive further innovation?


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I have a photovoltaic charger for my e-devices. @jcmolette is correct, the data can be backed up and recreated endlessly. Mine are all over the place, my daughter is in another country, my son in another country. My collection is on my computer, my server, each of my 5 devices (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nook Tablet - I have a N2A card so I can run the Kindle app on my Nook without rooting it) and I rather anally backup everything every single day onto external drives, one set at home, one set at work.


I love paper. I have collected about 2-3000 books since the 60s, and my daughter also reads them, and after many years we re-read the whole series, or individual book. (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) Will anyone be able to read these books you buy & put on a Kindle or Nook in 40 years? Will B&N or Amazon be alive in 40 years? The format isn't even compatible with each other. That's why I won't get one to read for enjoyment. For something like education, computer related articles, etc. it would be okay, but I have a notebook for that, and desktops. I have tons of .pdf files to read. And, when the power goes out here, I can read by lantern light or sunlight, if your Nook or Kindle goes out, and all the roads are flooded, or snowed in, good luck charging it. I do own a generator, but other things need to be run before reading. So, no matter what OS is on them, it doesn't matter to a lot who think like I do.

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Heck, If all my documents are on a Nook or Kindle, regardless of the OS, a little sunlight can do wonders. Sorry, but you sound like a dinosaur. I was born in the 1950's and love books of all kinds, but the creation and care of paper books is neither economical or practical now days. A little bad weather can ruin your or my entire collection. My entire digital collection is located in four different places. On my ereader, my computer, my Daughter's computer in another state, and my son's laptop in another country. Now will they all cease to exist in one fell swoop? Probably not. Will it all last for another 50 years? Maybe not, but the content can be backed up recreated endlessly. If the sun stops shining tomorrow, your books may become very useful for making fires after all native plant life dies off!


I don't really care whether it is Windows 8 or Android is running underneath, all I care about is what I can access with the device and how easy it can be used. The Kindle Fire while running on Android, it has a UI that look totally different to a normal Android. The general public might not even know it is Android on it. B&N can also develop another UI to make it totally different too. Whatever happens, it is all about how I can make use of the devices.


Office! Windows Apps! Not that I don't love my Android apps, but the polish on a Windows Nook with my MS products? Priceless! I already love my 16GB Nook Tablet, but it can only go so far. If it were Windows - WOW. I'd LOVE to have one!


I have a Windows 7 Phone with the Metro and recently bought a heavily discounted Acer Iconia A500 as a stopgap Tablet while I wait for a good Windows 8 Tablet so I will definitely be interested in a Nook. But I'd have to see the specs on it and how well I can read a book on it outside. Also, if I can move my Kindle books over to the Nook. The Iconia is worthless outside but I've been using a Kindle "Ink" for over a year and love how you can read it anywhere but in total darkness. I've read over 50 books on the Kindle so I've got my moneys worth out of it. Windows 8 Metro is perfect for a tablet and phone, not so good on a desktop computer though, where I find myself just staying on the desktop and not using Metro at all. The Linux and Fruit City fanboys will be out in mass grumbling about MS once this article has more exposure but few of them have used the Metro on a Windows Phone and don't realize how great the OS is for a touch device.

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That they do not have enough pain in their lives. That their anxiety and dread have been dulled by anti-depressants - or perhaps they feel it is their collective karma. Just my 2 pesos.

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I have a current Nook tablet. The only issue I have with it is that the screen's the wrong format for magazines. I don't see a Win8 Nook being a good thing, frankly, for the simple fact they'd have three different families of the Nook to deal with - the Simple Touch (greyscale, just a reader,) the Android-based Nook color/tablet, and this hypothetical Win8 based nook. For a Win8 based nook to not kill B&N's ebook/ereader business, they'd have to guarantee that every app has a Win8 equivalent, that you don't have to re-buy them for the new platform, that there's little to no change in function or feature - otherwise, people looking for another Nook or upgrading from one a few years old will have one less reason to stay WITH B&N. They'll be looking at a whole new tablet unlike what they have now - which gives them more reason to look at Kindle at the same time, something B&N won't want to have happen.

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Not sure about this. I like my Nook with the Android OS ( other than it's tied to a B&N variant). I think they could do more by just freeing up the OS rather than a complete jump to Win8


for an ereader I like the 6-7" form factor. The Kindle is perfect for reading on the go. I will also buy some kind of tablet,laptop convertible for real computer work. Do not really need lot of peripherals for my ereader/light weight tablet. Need everything for my real computer/tablet. Want my ereader to be able to be held with one hand and fit in larger pocket. Will use it mainly for reading, audible books, and occasional movies.

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I have a Kindle Fire that I use a lot when traveling. I like to be able to rent a movie to watch on the plane, and to easily have all my Kindle books with me, but the Fire can definitely not take the place of a laptop. It's great for consuming entertainment, but very limited for real PC uses, so I still have the heavy bag with laptop, power brick, and peripherals. I need a small, light tablet with all or most of the Windows features, and supporting a bluetooth keyboard in case I have to write or edit content. I'll welcome a Nook or other tablet device that lets me leave my laptop behind.

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I love my Windows phone, and I love my Nook. I would definately buy a nook with Windows 8 on it. I agree that MS needs to move quickly on this or it may go the way of the Zune player.

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I simply think that a well written windows 8 app integrated into an ereader would be great. I own a kindle fire and like it ok--I love Amazon's ecosystem with its books and audible books and music, and I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon. I own a regular kindle and reading with "ink" is better than on Kindle Fire. That said, the Metro interface is just made for an ereader and the live tiles would work great if designers do it correctly. I honestly wish Amazon would come out with a Windows 8 reader, and they might--but doubt it. Barnes and Nobles should definitely do so. But I would have to have a kindle, audible, and Amazon streaming music app availble so I could get access to my thousands of dollars worth of content. Since running under Windows 8 there will be those apps available,so should be no problem. As I said in a previous post, this would be the ideal platform for students --a Note Nook -that had Office and especially One Note thoroughly integrated on it but be a great reader.Color and eink. Could be locked down and be a great delivery device for school text books and ancillary content-and from what understand, B&N is huge in this market with all their college book stores. MS and B&N, in my opinion need to move on this quickly or they will lose out to Amazon and Apple. Also include a stylus and note taking app, which is one of MS strong points. Calendar live tiles would be great reminders for projects due. Homework could be pushed down--all kinds of possibilities. But I am not in school and would simply like to have a great ereader/content transfer device and B&N could achieve it. Whether they do or not, is another question.


I mostly agree with you, although in my case I've owned Nooks since they were introduced. Both my wife and I had first gens, and now have Nook Tablets. We've always maxxed out the storage with SD cards. The main problem I see with the NT, although it's also the biggest draw for me as well, is the ability to modify the software, unlocking it as it were. I was surprised to find out that the Nook Color, as well as the Tablet have unimplemented hardware that was unlocked along with Android, such as Bluetooth. While I would love to see an "upgrade option" for existing NTs, I think that a new generation of Hardware would be required, including "real" USB ports to allow peripheral connections, more internal RAM and perhaps a SSD, although drive storage could be external. Also, the current NT/Kindle Fire size is just about perfect for portability, but an external DVI/HDMI connector would be an outstanding docking option. As far as being an ideal student option, I can already vouch for this. I just finished Cisco Academy CCNA classes and bought the textbook package that included the ebooks. My Nook was a lot easier to take to class while I had the printed books at home for more "traditional" research. I'm also building my professional networking library on the Nook because of the potability.

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Self-selecting convenience sampling is utterly unreliable polling technique. Perhaps many who responded are either being contrary, egging on B&N and Microsoft, IT support folks frustrated with supporting BYODs, or wishing for something they cannot get, yet would never buy if they could. The poll result at hand is merely diverting blog fodder. If the subject is important enough to CNET, its readers, or some product management cabal within Microsoft, it's time to design a proper poll and administer it to a well understood, relevant universe.

Mark W. Kaelin
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What is it about a Barnes & Noble Nook running Windows 8 that appeals to you?

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