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Poll results: The new Windows 8 logo fails to deliver

The IT Professionals on TechRepublic really, really don't like the new Windows 8 logo.

On February 21, 2012, Debra Littlejohn Shinder argued in her Microsoft InSights column that the new Microsoft Windows 8 logo did its job despite its minimalistic design.

The new Windows logo: It's not as bad or as good as you think

She summarized her argument this way:

Those who complain that it's ugly are missing the point. It doesn't have to be a work of art. In fact, the more artistic it is, the less likely that it will be instantly recognizable, through the rain, on the other side of the street, when you can't read the words accompanying it. It doesn't have to "get the perspective right." It doesn't have to "make sense." All it needs to do is make us think "Windows 8."

Makes you think

As an accompaniment to that blog post, we included a very simple poll asking for a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down on the new logo. The results were probably predictable, but they show that most TechRepublic members give the new logo a thumbs-down.

Personally, I don't have strong feelings, good or bad, about the new Windows 8 logo. It is my understanding that the simpler the logo, the better for recognition, so from that perspective the change makes sense. The new logo is rather plain and un-extraordinary, but that is by design, so I give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt.

Does the new Windows 8 logo not do its job? Do you not think Microsoft Windows 8 when you see it?


Mark Kaelin is a CBS Interactive Senior Editor for TechRepublic. He is the host for the Microsoft Windows and Office blog, the Google in the Enterprise blog, the Five Apps blog and the Big Data Analytics blog.


An article on the logo? Why? Where are the good articles about Microsoft. I always see an abundance of Apple articles, none of which are critical.

johnhere 1 Like

It is just so damned ordinary.

Ralph1755 2 Like

The Windows 8 logo is as washed out as the company it represents.

Florence1948 2 Like

It looks like something that belongs on free, public domain software. Certainly not the largest OS in the world. I wouldn't remember what it was for 10 seconds after looking at it.

Ron_007 1 Like

I think the executives who bought this design are "simple" Unfortunately, I think they think all of their customers, are "simple". They went for too much simplicity. Without the words it's just a "window". If they had just kept the 4 colors, even without the flaggie part, in the square windows I think people would easily recognize it as MS Windows, Windows 8.

rasilon 2 Like

I'd hate to hear how much they paid to get this bland logo. Geez, folks, even Windows 3.1 had a snappier logo.... :-(

fiberella 6 Like

The ugly and unimaginative new logo fits the product perfectly. I tried the beta for a couple of weeks on my desktop. Windows 8 is ugly and lacks imagination. What is the point? No real technical improvements, just an ugly UI looking for a home. I expected more from Microsoft. Win 7 was an apology for Vista that should have been free. The apology for Win8 better be a good one.


Excellent observation


For all you "experts" out there, this logo flap has already cemented the connection with the product. Mission accomplished. For real. The descriptions of ugly and plain are, indeed, misinformed. Not that business and art cannot coexist and co-support, but the primary goal is to make a connection. How many clever or artful names and logos are quickly forgotten because of their lack of business focus?

CharlieSpencer 4 Like

If the phrase 'Windows 8' wasn't an inherent part of the logo, would you still remember what it was for? There's a whole lot of brand equity being thrown away with the four-color bath water.

pgit 2 Like

I would assume it's Andersen Window, or one of it's competitors. Very good observation. I 'stripped' my awareness of what the logo is for and considered it as you suggested. Definitely a window manufacturer. MS doesn't come to mind. My lovely bride knows I'm all about "IT," yet when I showed her the new logo (with reference to win8 covered with my hand) and asked her to identify, she said the same thing: "replacement windows?" I guess the answer might be "yes." :)

bknight4 2 Like

For a Kindergarten Operating System. I wonder if the final release will let you boot to ESPN instead of the cartoon network.


I survive day to day on the energy of other's humor. Thanks for the sustenance for 3/26/12. Can you return tomorrow? If so, could you bring condiments with you as well?

Den2010 1 Like

Don't care much for the operating system, but I like the logo. I downloaded and installed the Developer Preview, and put up with the stuff missing in it. I downloaded and installed the Consumer Preview, and despite my best efforts, I have stopped being patient with its shortcomings. If this is a "beta" - why can't they just use that word, really? - it's feature deficient, and it doesn't work all that well. There have been, what, maybe ten or twelve updates since its release? They haven't made it better. For someone using Win 8 on a regular, as-it-exists-now PC or notebook, this kludge is just a pain. It _has_ to get better before going gold, or it's going to be another Vista.

TNT 1 Like

Rather than the window that curves (which never made sense to me) this one looks like a real window. And the blocks bring to mind the Metro interface. So it keeps some of the old while bringing out the new, which I'd say means it works. It's not pretty, but it works.

jfuller05 1 Like

I like the minimalist approach too. It reminds me of the "old days" when companies had simple logos. I'm tired of the 3d approach. Bring back 2d! :)


"the less likely that it will be instantly recognizable, through the rain, on the other side of the street, when you can???t read the words accompanying it." You are less likely to see the 2-colors (or rather 1 color, and negative space) than if through the rain and across the street you may not even be able to see the shape, but you have a better chance of seeing something red in one corner, yellow in the opposite, blue in another corner and green in the last and recognize that as possibly the Windows (or Chrome, but that's another matter). You actually have to have the logo WITH the words to tell it is Windows and not some European flag or something so this statement is completely unrealistic.

Jensen G
Jensen G

The first thing I see when I look at the logo is the Christian cross...


If I see it again on TV, I'll post it here.

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin

When you see the new logo, do you not think Microsoft Windows 8?

CharlieSpencer 2 Like

it's not a good association. Vonage's 'woo-hoo'ing makes me think of that company, but only to refresh the mental note to never use it. Ditto that investment service with the talking baby; I can't stand that one for long enough to even find out who thinks I'd take investment advice from a pre-toddler.

bboyd 2 Like

Now if Darth Vader told me to use Win 8 we would not have an issue. As an aside that new symbol appears to be pretty lame, some high dollar marketing firm right? Less is more and all that crap.

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