TechRepublic members expect to see a Windows 8 tablet in 2012

While some may still express doubt, TechRepublic members fully expect to see a Windows 8 tablet device in retail stores in 2012.

Microsoft Windows 8 looms on the horizon, and only time will tell if this latest version of the Windows operating system will be a success or not. When it comes to Windows 8, there are many skeptics and naysayers predicting a disaster.

However, an overwhelming number of respondents to a TechRepublic poll taken in January 2012 believe that there will be a Windows 8 tablet device in retail stores before the end of 2012. The poll respondents are generally split on how successful Windows 8 tablets will be, but they are very confident that such devices will at least exist.

Unlike many who have emailed or sent me messages via the discussion forums, I do not have a predisposition to hate Windows 8. In fact, I think it has great potential for tablets, phones, and all manner of mobile devices. I am not convinced Windows 8 or the Metro UI will have any benefit for desktop PCs, but I am willing to wait for at least a beta version before I draw any conclusions.

Are you going to make time for the Windows 8 beta that is supposed to be available at the end of February?

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But my test drive will be on the type of systems that predominate where I work: desktops and laptops. I look forward to seeing if the beta is better suited to these platforms than the Developer version.

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin

Are you looking forward to giving the Windows 8 beta a test drive?

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