A head scratcher...monitoring student internet access.

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A head scratcher...monitoring student internet access.

I got some really helpful information last time I posted here, so let's see what magic I can learn this time, hopefully my post will make sense, I'm still kinda dazed from a nasty power failure realted server crash today.

I'm working my first gig as the only IT for a small christian college, and have only had to worry about network access for 30 staff. Soon we will complete a new dorm project that will allow us to give access to 150 students, which within 2 years will be over 300.

So my current mind boggling problem I have to solve by the end of next month or so:

The background:
New construction has allowed students to have internet access in their dorm rooms, on their own computers. We have a filter in place that will block objectional content etc...but if something happens to slip by...repeatedly, habitually, constantly being accessed...(you get the picture) we (meaning my boss, meaning his boss...) want to know which student is accessing it and stop it.

The problem: Our current filter will track computer name and IP address or integrate with Active Directory and track login names.

No real easy way of tying computer names to students and I really don't want the added problem of having the students login to a domain.

My ideal way of solving this problem would be magic elves that fix it for me. But, in reality, I'm looking for something that:

A) Allows the college to track student internet use and tie that to a specific, unique identifier.
B) Does not require the college to add anything to the student computers.
C) Allows the student to essentially plug the network cable, turn on the computer and once it boots surf the internet without having to type in any sort of login name or password.

A) Is definitly a must.
B) This does not mean, configuration info, just no programs, logs, etc.
C) I'd like this to be reality, but I'm open to the fact that it won't be possible.

I know how I can accomplish this, roll AD to the dorms, bulk load student names, give "Power User" students permission to change passwords and unlock accounts (And have a VERY VERY simple password policy).

I've thought that through, but lets see some other ideas.