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Anyone have experience with APC products?

By Tink! ·
I need to purchase UPS power supplies for our computers in the office. We were using Tripp-Lite but I've been getting APC brochures and they have a better deal.

Just wondering if APC Refurbished products are just as good, because I am considering those too.

Any input is appreciated!
Tink :)

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I have used APC UPS systems

by The Scummy One In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

with little trouble. However, for home use, in a visible location I prefer the Belkin tower. For servers, the server group here only uses APC (last I knew)

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APC works for me.

by Iam_Mordac In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

I've used nothing but for 10+ years and haven't had any remarkable problems with them. <br>
Personally and professionally, I would avoid the refurb's based on warranty (90 days vs 2 yrs) and the nature of the device. <br>
I would replace any suspect surge protection device and since I don't know why the refurb needed refurbishing, it's suspect to me. A UPS just isn't something I would consider purchasing used.<br>

As for Tripp-lite, if you're happy with them, tell them you're considering a switch, they might price-match if you deal with them directly. I don't believe either brand is that much better or worse than the other regarding performance or reliability. <br>
Make the salespukes fight it out for your money!<br>

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thats a good idea

by Tink! In reply to APC works for me.

negotiating with the salespeople. Right now though, APC actually has a better product in that it offers 2 more outlets on the equivalent of the Tripp-lite product we'd get.

We do have an APC Smart-UPS for our server and one lady here has APC for her computer already. I missed a sale on the product we wanted to get, and have been waiting for the next one. This refurb ad came first. Just thought I'd run it by and see what y'all think.

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Using them for years

by shasca In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

We have a network with a 100+ remote users.
We use them at these locations which vary 1-5 nodes. The life expectancy is about 3 yrs for a new units battery, and we usually replace the unit after 5+ yrs after a second battery is needed. We have also used the refurbished program where APC pays freight for the exchange. We use APC smart ups systems in all our racks and Regional offices.

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We have a bunch of old APCs anda few old Triplites

by Dumphrey In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

the APCs are 10x easier to change batteries on. Other then that they both seem to have held up okay, but my personal feeling is to give the nod to APC.

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How big

by santeewelding In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

To run the office refrigerator to keep the beer cold until cataclysm runs its course?

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I don't drink beer...

by Tink! In reply to How big

I'm a mixed drink gal.

Actually I'm the only one who really needs the extra outlets because I have 3 printers, a scanner, a mug warmer and a calculator as well as my CPU and monitor.

But I just use a regular power strip for the non-essentials such as the calculator.

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APC is good

by AV . In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

I've used their Smart UPSes for years on my networks and they've always worked well.

The company will stand by their products, too. Several years ago, a transformer blew close to our building. We lost about 30 surge protectors (also APC's)and a couple of UPSes as a result. We didn't lose any of our PCs or servers, though. It was a such a big power surge that the sound literally knocked me out of my chair.

APC replaced all of their surge protectors and UPSes that died as part of their warranty. No charge to me. I was amazed that we didn't lose any of our computers. I think that says alot about APC and their products.


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We Use Nothing Else

by ganyssa In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

All of our remote servers are on APC SmartUPS power supplies, and we've been very happy with them. I've only called support twice in 3 years, and both times they were helpful and quick to respond.

I would reiterate what other posters have said and stay away from refurbished products due to the length of the warranty. The two times I did need warranty service, it was in the 14-16 month range.

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I much prefer APC

by NickNielsen In reply to Anyone have experience wi ...

Mostly because I'm the one changing the batteries! I can change the battery in an APC UPS without even touching power cables. I've only changed one or two Tripp Lite batteries and both times I had to take the UPS off-line to change them. (Caveat: it was over five years ago!)

My experience is that most UPS warranty failures are board failures; I've never had an APC UPS battery fail under warranty. The refurbs probably have rebuilt boards in them.

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