Asus monitor "DVI No Signal"

By Luhy ·
I just moved from Brooklyn, NY to Elgin, TX and my monitor no longer works. It is an Asus VH236 and I use a DVI to DVI wire to connect it to my PC. When I turn on my monitor the light on the monitor turns blue and the screen reads "DVI No Signal" for a moment, then the light turns orange and it goes black. The PC remains blue and fine the entire time. What has changed? Do I need different wires in a new state? Did my monitor break somehow? Thanks for any help

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May need to open your computer case and make sure everything is seated.

Sometimes during a move, the various cards in the computer will work a bit loose.
Unplug your computer from power outlet, wear a grounding strap (preferable),
then open your case and gently nudge all the cards and memory chips to ensure
they haven't worked loose. Then double check your connection from the monitor
to the computer, making sure none of the pins were bent, correct slot etc.
You can now reassemble the case, re-attach the power cord and plug into the
wall socket. Power up and see if that fixed your problem.

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Also check to make sure that the Monitor

by OH Smeg In reply to Asus monitor "DVI No Sign ...

Is plugged into the Right Video Port out on the Computer. I have seen numerous customers move a computer and plug the Monitor into the On Board Video Out instead of the Plug In Video Card when they reconnect the Monitor.

When you have a Plug in Video Card the On Board Video is disabled on most M'Boards so you get no picture on the screen. It's not easy to describe which Video Out Port to use but if you look at the back of the computer any Video Out sockets in the same area as the USB, PS2 or whatever ports there is a On Board which means part of the M'Board, the plug in Video Card is always located below the Sound Sockets.

If you have a Crossfire Video Arrangement in this system you need to make sure that it's correctly configured and that you are plugging the monitor into the right socket.

If your computer is a Note Book you may need to change the Monitor Display proprieties by using the Switch Monitor Option which is generally a Key Combination like Alt F2 but this depends on the Make & Model of the NB.


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Still in need of help

by Luhy In reply to Asus monitor "DVI No Sign ...

Thanks for the replies, but I am still without a signal. I have opened my case and everything is firmly in place. I have tried using both of my video ports and neither work. Whenever I turn my monitor on and it says "DVI No Signal" the light immediately turns yellow as if the monitor went to sleep. I wonder if that means anything.

Edit: I just learned that my monitor works with my PS3. I used a DVI (monitor) to HDMI (PS3) and it worked. When I try this with my PC, it does not work (even on HDMI mode). I opened up my case and my Video card is firmly in place and the video card fan and lights are all on. I imagine the problem must be related to the video card or reseting something or a combination of wires, but everything seems correct to me. I am at a loss. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Still in need of help

Unscrew the screw that holds the Video Card in and pull it out after flipping the clip at the back of the Socket it is in and the push it back in.

Just being a solid fit doesn't mean that the card has not moved you need to remove it and refit it to make sure that it's in place properly.


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Reply to monitor

by lragoobeer In reply to Asus monitor "DVI No Sign ...

Plug another working monitor into your computer and see if it works. If it does not work, you have a problem with your motherboard.

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by Luhy In reply to Asus monitor "DVI No Sign ...

another monitor does not work, what do I do to fix the motherboard?

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Hmm

Kind of doubt it's the motherboard, start with reseating your video card,
then we can go from there. If you have another video card that will fit
your slot, you could install it and see if you get a signal.
Since your lights on the front of your case appear to be on, I would
not think the motherboard has gone bad yet. The other possibility that
springs to mind is your power supply could be getting ready to go bad,
sometimes they start putting out reduced power, and various peripherals
cease to function properly. But try the video card first.

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Reponse To Answer

by Luhy In reply to Hmm

Today I reseated every card I have, video, network and RAM. Someone suggested to me to try and manually flash the BIOS with pins or something, but I have no idea how to do that. I don't have another video card to check.

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Can you tell us, if there is mounted a DVI or other jack...

by goberkofler In reply to Asus monitor "DVI No Sign ...

...on your display-cable?
DVI-jacks are white and all other Display-jacks before were blue...!

...or otherwise the cable of the ASUS can be defect, by wrecked or broken data-wires...

Maybe the voltage-cable from the powersupply to
graphic-card is loose - if you have dismounted your PC!
(This can be if you have opened the case of your PC...)

Possibilities over possibilities, which you have to look for...

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Reponse To Answer

by Luhy In reply to Can you tell us, if there ...

My DVI jacks are both white and seem to be in perfect condition. The cable also works fine with a different computer. I removed all of the cards and power connections and re-seated them earlier as well.

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