Barracuda vs Symantec Anti-Spam filters

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Barracuda vs Symantec Anti-Spam filters

EDIT: I realize this is more of a question so I've posted this as a question as well under Q&A. I'd still like to have a discussion on the two though for some further insight.

My company is currently going to be implementing a "better" spam filter than what is currently in place. We have 2 options as the products have already been purchased.

We have 2 Barracuda 400 boxes that can both be configured and setup for redundancy. However, we have Symantec's anti-spam available to us now because our employee count reached a certain number; this gives an entitlement to have anti-spam as part of the suite we have licensing to. (We use Symantec endpoint protection in case you're wondering).

So we have both a hardware anti-spam and software anti-spam setup available. We're leaning towards the Barracuda setup. Basically, it comes down to my question. Which should we go with and why?