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BBC iPlayer

Neil Higgins
Yo,Merry (post) xmas.The BBC iPlayer for UK users is now out of Beta,and up and running.First it was to be Windows exclusive.Then after much moaning,groaning,and clenching of teeth (me included),it was stated that iPlayer would be available also for Linux,and MAC users.Now,if I have read their on-screen "nonsense" correctly,you can only download shows using Internet Explorer.

After 7 days,downloaded shows wont "work".Apparently.

(You can watch on-line using other browsers however)

The reason:

Why do I need to use Internet Explorer for the Download Manager?

ActiveX, an essential component in making the BBC iPlayer Download Manager
communicate with the BBC iPlayer website, only functions in Internet Explorer
which is why you must use this browser.

However, we are working on ways of making the Download Manager available on other browsers.

Brilliant move BBC.Active X.