Can a 64 bit Operating System be Installed on a 32 Bit PC??

By wlangle ·
Can a 64 bit Operating System (Vista,XP) be Installed on a 32 Bit PC ??

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can a 64 bit Operating Sy ...

If you are an adult, would you squeeze yourself into children's clothes?

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Why not, 32 bit OS's install fine on 64 bit pc's

by wlangle In reply to Why?????????????

Personally, I would not do this install. BUT someone in management got a good deal on some Vista 64 upgrades and at present we only have 32 bit machines running XP Pro (and will probably stay that way for sometime to come). Of course management wants to know why this will not work, espacially when they know 32 bit OS's install just fine on 64 bit pc's. I will do some more research on this subject in order to give them some kind of detailed answer to this issue.

Thank you for the responses

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look at is this way you have a box that can hold 64 books, you can manage to put 32 books in but it does meet to the box capability. But you cannot but 64 books in a box that hold only 32 books they won't fit will they.

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by Langlier In reply to Why not, 32 bit OS's ins ...

A few things I'm not sure you know... Most Vista upgrades (ultimate edition) come with both the x64 and 32-bit versions of the OS... thus you can use the OS. Most dual core PCs run 64-bit processors and thus can run 64-bit operating systems. Most recent AMD processors can run 64-bit OSes.

but as another poster said you can put 32 books in a 64 book bookshelf but not vice versa.

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no actually

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to Compatability

look on the side of the vox its says you have to send of for the 32 bit or 64 bit version they only include 1 version in the box. Use 32 bit cd with that serial number it will work

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You might have different versions

by Langlier In reply to no actually

But the full retail versions of Vista Ultimate had both. I've not seen one in the last couple months just stating my experience

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thats stange, maybe Microsoft are cutting back here in the UK

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LOL @ someone in management!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Why not, 32 bit OS's ins ...

Tell them this:

A 64 Bit system as 64 arms that work together.

A 32 bit system has 32 arms that work together.

32 Bit version of Windows will work on a 64 Bit system as the hardware still has enough arms to carry the work load as it does not make full use of the 64.

The 64 Bit version if attempted to be used on a 32 ARMED system will automatically overload as the system drops things due to not having enough arms (or BITS)!

Then tie one arm behind their back and catch two or more balls st the same time!

Walk Away and laugh!

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Nope its not possible, Sorry

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It'll die during the install

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Can a 64 bit Operating Sy ...

because the hardware won't meet requirements.

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