Can I make the jump to Management?

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Can I make the jump to Management?

Hi All,
I am evaluating my career path again, something I do on a regular basis. At this point, I am evaluating the "how" surrounding moving into management. I would really appreciate your advice and feedback.

My long term goal is to move into an executive management position where my primary role would be setting the strategy for using technology to drive business objectives. I'm wondering if I am on the right path, and what are some additional steps I need to make that happen.

My background is as follows (some of these were concurrent):

-Bachelors in IT
-Masters Degree in Business
-2 Years Systems Administration
-4 Years Application Development
-2 Years Business Analysis
-2 Years Project Management
-1 Year Process Improvement (Six Sigma)

I currently work as a contractor doing Process Improvement and Project Management. My goal with each contract that I take is to leverage it to get me the experience that I need to move into management. With my current contract I am looking to hone my experience managing a large budget. What are some additional things I should be focusing on in upcoming contracts to get me to where I want to be? Any other thoughts or feedback?