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Cannot Save from Excel 2003 to networked location.

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I can confirm that I have experinced the same problem.
User have read/write/delete permission to the networked location, file copy/deletion works fine - however trying to save (save/save as) a EXCEL document to the path return same error as initial poster.

I can see the excel is creating the temp file in the same location (since this is where the file initial is opened from), but at some point it seam like it stocks and a timeout is isued (typically when aprox 95% is done).
My networked location is on a 1 Gb wan network, and copy the same file to local mashine takes prox 20 sec (20 Mbyte data)

I asume the problem arrise due to timeout - however I havent found a solution, does anyone know how to solve this (runing office 2003,sp1)
It seam like the problem may have arrised after we switched to a faster MPLS line, but not shhure.