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Cannot Save from Excel 2003 to networked location.

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I have the same issue, trying to save in 97-2003 Workbook (.xls) on two different network location. Having full control right in folder, local admin on my workstation.

I noticed that if i change the filename, i can have it to work. But i still don't understand the issue. If there is a space in the path and/or filename, it works.

Here are my results :
untest.xls doesnt work
untest .xls works (notice the space)

Book1.xls doesnt work
Book11.xls doesnt work
Book111.xls doesnt work
Book1111.xls doesnt work
Book11111.xls works

untest.xls doesnt work
untestt.xls doesnt work
untesttt.xls doesnt work
untestttt.xls works