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Cannot Save from Excel 2003 to networked location.

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The User has Restricted rights locally on the workstation that they are using.

They should be set to either Power User or Admin to be able to save to a network drive and it doesn't matter if the LAN Admin has given them the proper rights to edit/save documents if they don't have the correct rights locally the rest will not matter.

But if things are as you say that this user can save things in other programs like Word and it's just Excel that the problem is in I would be looking at a corrupt User Profile being the most likely culprit.

Or there is always the possibility that the Excel document doesn't want for some reason to save to anywhere but locally. Can it be saved locally and the overwrite the file on the Network Share?

Also if there is another person using that same file it will not be possible to save a change or even the entire file while it is in use at another workstation/s.