CCIE training in Mumai, India based on the new Cisco model (4 switches)

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CCIE training in Mumai, India based on the new Cisco model (4 switches)

IPsolutions CCIE training incubator program (far more than a boot camp!)
Hardware changes:
Based on the hardware changes in the CCIE lab, we're upgrading our pods by adding 2 x 3560 (or 3750) switches in each pod.
Each pod will now have 4 layer 3 catalyst switches: 2 each or 3550 & 3560 (or 3750).

Every participant would have a dedicated rack for himself for the entire 4 weeks duration of the course.

Our CCIE pods:
4 x 3640 routers
2 x 26xx routers
2 x 3550 catalyst switches
2 x 3560 (or 3750) catalyst switches
In addition to this, we use 2500 series routers for Frame-Relay (2522), terminal server (2511) & as backbone routers.

The CCIE incubator program consists of 4 weeks of rigorous training.

The first two weeks are focused on technology specific lab training.
This is largely hands-on and you will learn the technologies while solving the technology focused lab scenarios. This training helps you understand the technologies one by one and makes you ready for the next 2 weeks of training where you will learn to implement all of these technologies in multi-protocol full-day labs.

The last two weeks comprise of full-day multi-protocol lab scenarios.
These are complicated scenarios, each covering the concepts and Cisco's publicly declared objectives of the lab exam. The lab topology as well as the scenario structures are similar to what you can expect to find in the lab exam and modeled based on the new Cisco exams which feature 4 layer 3 Catalyst switches in every POD.

This training is FAR more than a bootcamp. The training has been constantly evolving from the time we started it.
We believe we have put together a brilliant training program which is possibly one of its kinds in the world.

You cannot underestimate how much you will learn in through our nearly 100% hands-on approach & under constant guidance from our CCIE trainer who is a specialist in this field. The combination of this thoughtfully created program & the trainer's commitment towards every participant and passion for imparting knowledge has translated into a high pass rate amongst participants.

Please vist our website for more information: www.ipsol.net