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Computer won't boot from CD drive

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Same problem. Hooked in a different CD drive. Same. Checked boot sequence. CD is listed first in boot sequence. Quick boot can't be disabled. Tried drive cable that takes two drives. Boot sequence only finds one. Two hard drive controllers on motherboard. Each hard drive controller find a maximum of one drive (CD or hard).
Switched so that CD was plugged into first controller, and hard drive plugged into second controller. Boot sequence found only hard drive. CD works fine once Windows or Linux has booted. Tried CD in USB enclosure. Not found until after boot complete.Tried hard drive in same USB enclosure. Hard drive found during boot. Has to be motherboard/controller/BIOS issue, as OS, hard drive, and cable changes do not fix. Motherboard refuses to boot from CD under any circumstances.
So original poster is not only one with this issue. I have a Dell with original OS, hard drive and CD. GX270, 2G memory (maxed out).