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connecting video cables to a monitor

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Hi robo-dev,

Sorry about the lack of detail but my excuse is my age and the workings of the old grey matter.

OK. This system is brand new and has an asus mobo, i5 cpu, 4gb ram, win 7- 32bit, 24in monitor (DVI & HDMI) and a GT520 1gb graphics card etc. He got it in Brisbane and he lives on the north coast in Qld. I picked the system up for him and tried it out at home and it worked a treat. He was on holidays overseas and picked it up on his way home. He's got a bit of age on him too and obvisously the old bloke forgot my directions on how to hook it up.

He got the thing working with the vga lead to the vga port on the mobo and then reinstalled from the origional asus vga disk then tried it again with the dvi setup but to no avail.

The video card is fine as I stated before but ,in my opinion when he had them both hooked up it has corrupted the dvi aspect of the system.

My query is, am I right in saying it is a software problem and can it be remied with the repair feature on the windows disk or do we have to reinstall. I would like to do it without the latter 'cos he has loaded it with all his software etc. He informs that to the best of his ability nothing is damaged on the monitor , the PC and also the leads.