Considering returning to the Field : looking for advice

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Considering returning to the Field : looking for advice

I mainly worked in Systems Administration from 1997-2003 and have done contract work and a few gigs since 2003 . During that time , I held MCSE and CCNA certifications and the MCSE(NT 4.0) was helpful in landing me the position that I held from 2000-2003. The MCSE does not expire , but I don't know It would help alot if I got current ... maybe MCITP or something .

I'm considering going back to hunt for a job , but seems like I ought to get some more certifications . I was considering learning more about cloud computing , red hat , or maybe renewing my Cisco cert.

Once I'm into the position , I know I can catch up/ grow into it and advance like I did before.What do you think ? I just want something to get me seen by someone looking . I know certification isn't by any stretch of the imagination an easy ticket , but I like tech , I like working with people , and I know I have the drive to do it. Just wanting some ideas on which way to go .

Thanks for anything you feel like sharing. You can also email me at berkeley.it.pro at gmail.
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Im also trying to get back into the Technical Field and I need a little guidance. My last technical position was from 1999 - 2001 and I took break from the field in 2002 and since then I've only worked clerical jobs so I could be around for my children. Now that they are older and in school Im ready to get back in that field. How can I found out about the latest technology and be ready to peform a technical interview without feeling like the Interviewer is speaking GREEK. PLEASE HELP!