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I have a user who complains that whenever she prints from a program, the program shuts down. What might cause this?

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Possible print driver issue.

by bart777 In reply to Crash

Actually I would start by seeing what on earth she's doing. Is the app trying to print to a bad location? If all is well with the configuration of the app then I would start with a clean reinstall of the driver.

1)Delete the printer.

2)From the printer window select File|server properties.

3)Find the driver in question and remove it.

4)Then take the easy way and remap the printer from the server. It will reinstall the correct driver from the server and you can test the app again.

If that fails then you may need to reinstall the application.

Best of luck.

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a lot to ask

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Crash

is it all programs or just one? does it happen on other computers? can she print normally from every other program?

what program?

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by wesley.chin In reply to a lot to ask

It is for one program, AutoCAD. When there was a trial version of the software installed, the crash did not happen. It is one one computer. Yes, she can print to other programs.

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You could do a full..

Defrag to get the hdd running smoother and faster. There is another program that will help, it is called "REGCURE" of which i have placed a link..This program cleans the registry and makes programs run smoother.
Hope all works out for you.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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by PSer In reply to You could do a full..

You'd run a "regcleaner" in the first steps of troubleshooting THIS problem???

I'd start by asking the questions that ZM suggested above. Find out if it's specific to one program, one user, one printer, one machine, etc.

But, to each his own.

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Limiting the scope

by Dumphrey In reply to Really?

of the problem should be first. And verify if it is only in that program, or if thats the only program they ever need to print from...Zatochi's advice was sound.

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by PSer In reply to Limiting the scope

I don't trust "Regcleaners" as it is! Dang it all to heck if THAT would be step number one to ANY problem/issue I was having.

No offense meant to the poster who suggested that solution. There's more than one way to skin a cat ... I suppose.

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It is not only....

A reg cleaner, this a sample of what it does:

RegCure Registry Cleaner ? Benefits and Features

Backup and Restore
RegCure offers you peace of mind with its backup and restore features. If you are using Vista or Windows XP, there are two ways for you to protect against accidents: system restore points and backup files. Meanwhile, if you are using Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows 98 (SE) or Windows ME, every time you remove a registry item a backup file is created.

Program Shortcuts
Incorrect program shortcuts can cause headaches! They could cause applications to take longer to launch or even stop them from working at all. RegCure finds and removes these incorrect shortcuts and improves your PC?s performance.

Built-In Scheduler
With RegCure?s scheduling feature, you can just tell it when you want it to do its job, sit back and relax. You can set it to scan at system startup or assign it to work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can even set up more than one schedule.

Invalid Class Keys and Shell Extensions
Non-working class keys and shell extensions can seriously slow down your PC and cause frustrations. RegCure scans to find invalid entries and remove them.

Empty Registry Keys
Useless registry keys have no value and actually are detrimental as they can clog up and slow down your system. RegCure sweeps away this mess.

Automatic or Manual Repair
You can let RegCure do all the work as this sophisticated registry cleaner can automatically scan for and repair problems. There is also the option to take the power into your hands and manually guide the repair process.

Organizing Windows Startup Items
By letting RegCure manage your Startup items, you can easily improve the startup speed of our PC. You can choose which programs you wish to launch when your computer starts and you can stop unneeded software from starting automatically. As well, RegCure will find and delete missing programs in the startup area of the Windows registry. These missing items can cause countless problems.

Shows Scan Progress
You never have to wonder what RegCure is doing! With an easy-to-use interface, RegCure shows you exactly what is going on.

Removes Invalid DLL Entries
Have you been to ?DLL ****?? If not, you are lucky. Invalid entries in the dynamic link library section of the registry can cause frustrating application failures. RegCure restores and repairs the registry and keeps you out of DLL ****.

Easy to Customize
You can easily set up RegCure to work for your needs. It can scan only the items you want or you can establish and manage an ?ignore list? so that RegCure will not scan for certain items.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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by PSer In reply to It is not only....

Thanks for the sales pitch! However, I KNOW what this as well as other Windows Registry utilities are and what they do. I still don't care much for 'em for several reasons. As such, I would NOT recommend ANY registry utilities to the average Joe, especially as a 'First Step' in troubleshooting.

I asked why you would use this utility as a FIRST step in trouble shooting THIS person's problem. That's all, no offense intended.

No problem and no more questions ... carry on.

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It could be a conflict..

With another program or a shared .dll, it does not harm the system in anyway, i have been using it for over a year. I used to dig into the registry and sort everything out (after i backed up of course) before this. It just makes everything faster due to building different systems etc. It might not be everyones cup of tea but it might just help.

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