:CRQ and :CueCat

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:CRQ and :CueCat

I purchased a CRQ CueCat keyboard wedge barcode reader at a garage sale for $1. Just looked at E-Bay and the going price is 75 cents. Guess they saw me coming....

The software has a mandatory registration process through the web before it will function. The problem is that the company (Digital Convergence, Dallas) has gone out of business and there is no way to get a registration key code.

The "cat" reader functions (will display characters in a text editor) when reading UPC barcodes, but the characters displayed in Notepad are not the characters shown above the barcode as you would typically see.

My question is ... does anyone have a working registration code so that I can unlock the software (I only ask "the unthinkable" because the company is out of business), or if you know how I could get a LEGIT registration code, or if there is a way to "go around" the software codes and just use it as a barcode reader.

Please don't tell me I wasted a dollar.

BTW...The software DOES NOT have an UNINSTALLER (and, as I said, will not function without a registration code) so if anyone has a tip here it would be appreciated, too. There is a "Uninst.isu" file but the software does not appear in my Add/Remove Programs list and I can find no uninstall-like executable.

Thanks in advance. I know ONE of you has had the misfortune to have purchased one of these units in the past. Please don't be mad at me if you spent over $1.