Defective Nic can only access certain sites??

By netforce ·
Ok this is one of those technical anomalies.

This is a built in nic card issue:

Has anyone experienced this with a nic card.

One end user on said machine could not access a secured sight "Fiserv".

The page would not come up at all/ nor could you ping the website.

1. Could access just about any other site secure/un-secure etc.

2. We went through every software config imaginable, updated drivers, cross ref'd with other machines, checked nic card TCP/IP stack, you name it we did it.

3. Reimaged machine 2-3 times same thing.

4. Installed a PCI nic card......and guess what that site....came up no problem.

Ok, now logically everything in my blood screams software configuration!!

But we went through every known software config
updates, analyazed everything.

Is it possible a nic cards hardware could be defective to the point where it will not function to load certain sites???

Am I losing my mind?


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NIC problems

by FlyCaster In reply to Defective Nic can only ac ...

A NIC is a layer one device that can only handle electrical signals and has a MAC address.

The only difference between the two cards is the mac address and maybe the driver you use in the os. This is layer 1 (physical) and 2 (data-link) issue and has nothing to do with routing to a certain host, this is done in layer 3 (network).

Find it's way to a certain network host is done on layer 3 and connecting to services in the upper layers.

Did the ip address change after changing the card, it could be an access-list/firewall issue on the network.

In other words; your NIC works or does not, it does not distinguish between host and networks nor does it filter "content" on it's own. It simply translates between the hard and the soft world.

Start by using the "faulty" nic again and see what it does and make notes of ip addresses and such.

Good luck

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And the answer

by netforce In reply to NIC problems

Ok, just got off the phone with one of our sys admins and he said, Ooops I manually registered that ip address to another pc.

But here's the wierd part I did a repair on the built-in nic, did a ipconfig/release , renew about a dozen times.

Looks like the lease dates are on a monthly basis.

Wonder if there's a another way of renewing the ip from the pc side?

Thanks all

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