Downloads disappear on Vista (business)

By ghostrider733 ·
ok. i have looked and looked and NOONE can seem to answer this question. I watched an adobe reader download go right to my desktop then disappear. NO it is not in the download folder. YES I did a search on the entire harddrive and it is not there. YES the download did complete. It really does not matter what I download and to what folder I download. IT DISAPPEARS. Does ANYONE know why this happens?

Interesting thing, just for giggles I install FIREFOX and guess what the download is fine. It does not disappear. Now please don't post. "then just use firefox to download" That is a workaround not a solution. So it seems that IE7 may be the issue? Any thoughts or a solution to this problem?

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by ghostrider733 In reply to Downloads disappear on Vi ...

come on people. anyone anyone

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I think this is what you're looking for (pardon the pun!)...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Downloads disappear on Vi ...

Vista has a strange methodology when it comes to where it puts stuff.

Add to that fact, the sad under-ability of the M$ search engine which has never returned complete results.

Firefox, on the other hand, over-rides Vista's predeliction for placing files, saving them in the Firefox Downloads directory. In other words, just where you would expect them to be!

Read the detail at the following link:

You'll be relieved to find all your downloads are still intact, you just couldn't find them. - They will be sitting inside the folder that bears the name of your USER ID.

Let me know when you've found them.

Good luck!

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Thank you for you reply but.....

by ghostrider733 In reply to I think this is what you' ...

I looked under my USER ID folder and they are not there. I am downloading the adobe reader for this little problem. I also, just for fun, searched every folder and still cannot find it. So either it is being deleted or redirected to a hidden folder. Oh I did unhide all folders to. Is there a setting to undo this really dumb Microsoft idea. I am thinking this is something SP1 will need to address lol.

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What are you using for your searches?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you for you reply b ...

From what I've seen on Vista when I get my hands on a friend's machine, The M$ search routine assumes that if you're looking for something you have already looked in the hidden place, so doesn't include that location in its own search routine.

I did manage to track stuff down for my mate when he thought it had been deleted.

Did you check ALL the sub-directories too?

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Vista's search

by ghostrider733 In reply to What are you using for yo ...

I am just using M$ search. I am going to try a 354mb download and see if the harddrive space changes. If it does I know the file is somewhere. If it does not change then something is really fishy. thank you for your help with this I am sure it will be figured out soon. lol. Yes I checked all the sub-directories too.

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Try a different search engine...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you for you reply b ...

Go to and download "2xExplorer" - it uses its own internal search engine to find file images on disk. It definitely works on Vista because I've already tried it.

NOTE: On the site your are offered a NEW BUILD of this program called "Explorer2" - for your requirements DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS INSTALLER as it now uses the M$ search engine!

Download the older build and you'll surely find your missing files.

Good luck!

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Just a thought - to save you time

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Downloads disappear on Vi ...

You're probably sick of looking for things by now so, instead of wading through the info at the site, here's the relevant stuff:

"Why does Internet Explorer want to download stuff to a Downloads folder? What is Downloads? Where is it? How do find it? (Yes, I know it's in the home folder, but the average user won't know that.) When I download something, how come it disappears? Why doesn't the Downloads window open when the download is complete? Why isn't Downloads on the Start Menu if it's the default in IE? Was the desktop too logical and commonly-used a destination?

How come Windows Vista has this great search feature but most of the bundled applications still use an old fashioned Find dialog that often gets in the way of what you're trying to find? Open up Notepad or Wordpad and try to find some text. Why isn't there a Search box right up there in the top right corner of the window? Duh."

- 'Nuff Said!

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Could it be that

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Downloads disappear on Vi ...

The Automatic prompt for Downloads in IE7 has been set to disabled??

But I think...

This is a business PC and IE is controlled by a Group Policy that will not let the download stay after finishing!!!!

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not let the download stay after finishing...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Could it be that

And the point of this "facility" would be what?

(Genuine query TechMail, not another shot across any bow.)

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to not let the download stay ...

It could be used to stop people downloading to location X - X being the default save location on the local PC.

Not 100% on the new Vista GP objects but I know there are more than was available on XP.

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