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Email - on its last legs or growing up?

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Remember the Paperless Office. Hasn't happened yet and personally I don't believe that E Mail will be ever stop being used.

In reality any Messaging from any Business needs to be stored if only just to prove that no illegal activities where described in it. It's pointless trying to defend your business against a Fed Police Investigation because someone claimed that a entry on a Social Media Site implied that a criminal activity was intended.

When you do not have primary control over your own data you have no control and there is no correspondence of any type that doesn't need to be stored to prove Guilt or Innocence. For instance can you imagine News International messaging anything about Phone Hacking on a Social Media site because they didn't want it in their Companies E Mail?

From my personal experience most people do not think before they post to Social Media and they then wonder why the Police come and charge them with things that they Boast About on Social Media. They manage to convict themselves quite successfully. :^0