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Email - on its last legs or growing up?

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Deadly Ernest

no difference in being able to talk to someone on the phone or over the headset on an IM. With the phone I don't HAVE to be at the computer to communicate, but I can using ViOP. I also get a quicker response if they're there, and know quicker if they aren't.

If I don't need a quick response, then an email is just as good and they can answer at their convenience.

I do not see an IM program as being a magic comms system, the way some do. I know people who sit there with three of four IMs open and switch between them, sometimes they get caught with one and it's ten to twenty minutes before they check the others again. In that case an email is just as good, while the phone quicker as they leave the PC to answer the phone or respond to Skype if using VoIP.