Entry Level IT Job Title?

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Entry Level IT Job Title?

I am an out of work self taught network administrator. My last IT job was 2 years ago May 07. I got the job because I knew the manager at the apartment complex that wanted to establish a computer center since I was 16. He was my high school best friend's dad. I had been working on his computers since he had and Apple I. He hired me because he knew my personality and that I was a hard worker.

Well I have a B.S. Degree but it is in Management Analysis. Basically applying math to solve business management problems. Time and Motion studies, GANTT analysis e.t.c I have NEVER worked in the field. I went into the Marine Corp and worked as a Logistics Officer for 8 years. I got out and did various odd jobs before my friend's dad hired me to design,build and run the computer center.
In any case I just have learned by doing over the past 30 years. I get interested in a topic in computers, I buy or borrow a book on it. I read the book from cover to cover at least twice and then go do what I read. So I have no certifications or degrees in Computer Science.

I am trying to get back into the IT field. I think I will have to start at and entry level position even at the age of 50. But I need to know what those entry level job titles are.