Ever just 'had' it with your boss?

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Ever just 'had' it with your boss?

Its one thing to have a boss who is willing to learn and ask questions..its another thing to have one who assumes that when you work with "technology" the computer actually does the work.

Since my boss left a few months ago, i now report to a higher up director. She makes no effort to consider what my job actually involves.

So after a few times of her asking me to "find the time" to start documenting the database which she she had "previously mentioned", i got a bit annoyed...

Then i overheard her say to one of her peers that if i drop everything i should be able to get it done by the end of the week.

Hmm..yes..i'll get right on that mam. Thought.."right then, if you know so much..lets just show you soemthing"

Soooooo..downloaded Visio (great little tool by the way..its my new friend)..reverse engineered the database..created DB Diagram showing all linked tables, reference tables..etc etc..(you get the picture)

Then, i printed the whole diagram..(database has over 150 tables)..spent the afternoon taping the individual sheets together and then hung the thing on the wall. It takes up almost 1 entire wall of the office.

When she walked in later and exclaimed "mother of..what is that". I said, thats the database. In order to document it, i need to visualise it, because there are too many tables to remeber in my head. Now what i have to do is document each table and all items within the table, all relationships between the tables, etc etc..I think i lost her at Data Types...

Before she escaped me, i told her that as long as nothing else major got in the way, i should have the guts of it done by end of Oct..

Maybe i was a bit over the top..but i had to show her somehow that the pc does not actually do my work for me..

ANyone else ever had to "show" the boss what it actually takes to get the job done? ANy tips?