Everybody's working for the Geekend

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Everybody's working for the Geekend

Everybody knows the best IT work gets done when the "average user" isn't around to muck things up. In honor of those noble IT staffers who sacrifice their evenings and weekends to perform the high-level work that the "business side" would only manage into oblivion, we've created the GEEKEND HOMEPAGE, chock full of the Geekend items that the TR staff has managed to sneak by our own upper management.

If you love/hate/are painfully ambivalent about this little stunt, please let us know by posting to this discussion. If you don't teach us, we'll never learn.

Speaking of the Geekend, is there an article, download, or discussion thread from inside or outside TechRepublic that you'd like us to shine our secret spotlight upon? Just add it to your TR links and tag it: Geekend.

We?ll select the most intriguing elements from this list each week and feature them on the Geekend homepage (at least until the boss catches on).