Exchange Server Setup

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Exchange Server Setup

We have an Exchange 2003 Server with an internal IP address of (example only). We also have a Sonicwall Pro 2040 with an internal IP of and an external of (examples only). The Wan cable of the firewall is then plugged into a Cisco 1700 router with an external IP of

We have an external ISP hosting our website and emails.

Our interal Exchange server handles the retrieval of the pop mail from the ISP and distributes the emails to the workstations accordingly. It also handles sending of the emails.

I have never seen this kind of set up before. I've always had the exchange server with two ip's, one internal and one external and we hosted our own website and email.

I'm not sure we can do this with the way its setup now. I've never actually setup a site, I've always walked into it as it's already been setup.

What recommendations would you say I need to make if any to make our exchange server better and keeping it secure.

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