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Facebook or Google+ : Which one you are more active on and why?

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Deadly Ernest

1. Direct discussion while face to face or over the phone, or

2. Via written messages via pane and paper mail, email, or messages on a board such as TR.

A social network is NOT a place where you just click to say you know someone, nor is it a place where you play silly games and send loads of messages to try and get others to play them with you.

Years ago I had a FaceBook account as it was the only way I could communicate with some people about a project as we were both on very slow dial up services and the coordinator's FB account worked like the notice board. But soon after that project closed down I had all these other people wanting to link with me because I once knew them - some I'd not seen in over a decade. Then I was getting hundreds of emails a week from FB about their games and being tagged in photos. Not a single message about anything important. FB wouldn't let me delete the account or close it without going through a very involved time wasting process, so I change all the info and gave it a very rude name with lots of stuff derogatory about FB, the account soon vanished off the system. No more of that crap for me.