FNM 01/15/10 - Songs We Hate to Admit We Like

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FNM 01/15/10 - Songs We Hate to Admit We Like

boxfiddler Moderator
or maybe 'Songs We Love to Hate'.

Yup. Friday Nite Music strikes again.
Tonight we visit music we like in secret. No rules, outside organizational structure.
First post by a band or musician should contain the name of that artist and song in the title. Subsequent posts by the same artist should be posted as a reply to the first post by the artist. Artist name isn't necessary after the first post by that artist.

Discussion as to the merits of various artists and songs is welcome. Boos are a good thing tonight.

I'd point to places to get music, but outside Youtube it seems they're disappearing fast. imeem has been incorporated into MySpace. I'm bumming.

Bwahahaha! ]:)