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Get Parental Control off my PC

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Create a new user account that is an administrator account. Administrators have no parental controls. Don't create the new user in the control panel; instead, use the Management Console
Use the following steps:
1. on your desktop,right click my computer, and from the drop down menu, choose Manage. This opens the management console (Computer Management)
2. In Computer Management , open Local users and groups
3. Click on the Users folder in the right pane; you'll see the users currently on the computer
4. Right Click your username and click properties
5. In Properties, open the Member Of tab
6. If you are listed as User as well as administrator, click Users (or any other accounts besides administrator), then click the remove button. If you are listed as Administrator only, then you're done. Click Apply then Close.
7. If you are not listed as Administrator, or if this didn't work, you need to create a new administrator account, click the Action Menu, with no user highlighted, and click New User .
8. Name the new user: administrator2, skip the full name and description, and created & confirm a password; use your regular password
9. It'll create a regular user, not an administrator.
10. Uncheck the User must change password on next login and check password never expires.
11. Click Create, then click Close to stop adding users
12. Now right click on that administrator2 account you created, click properties, go the the Member Of tab, click on User and click Remove
13. Click the Add button and type: Administrators. Click Apply then Close.
14. Log off, then Log on as the new administrator. Use this account from now on.
15. This is a new account, so you'll have to do things like right click on the taskbar and unlock it, right click on your internet explorer bar and unlock that, set your new wallpaper up, etc etc.

The biggest pain for most people at this point is that all their favorites are gone and their documents folder is empty, but you can go to Users on your C Drive using your new administrator account, open your old account, open the favorites folder, select them all by keying Ctrl+A, then drag them to your Favorites folder in the administrator2 account (So you have to ha ve both accounts "Open" so you can see all the folders in the Naviagsation (left) pane. You can do this with your Documents too: go to the Documents folder in Users, do Ctrl+A, and drag them all to your documents folder in your administrator2 account. Presto.
Too Geeky? Too much trouble? Lost?
Download Firefox or Safari. Safari's better in my opinion because it'll safely and securely remember all your passwords and you don't have to jump through that hoop of fire every time a password window comes up--especially nice feature if you use outlook or hot mail or windows live.