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Get Parental Control off my PC

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yah I was thinking that. When you say family shield DNS, is there specific DNS that filter by default (IE porn, malware etc...) without an account? If so that makes sense that this is what he has set up. I would love to use this on computers my kids access.

I have only used OpenDNS in a way that you had to reply to the email from within the IP you are registering (I use all static). Its either at the modem level or at the local nic level. I would doubt there is some kind of proxy.

Franl, if this is a standard router you are going through (Linksys, Netgear, Belkin......etc...) you can look up your router model number and try the "reset to factory defaults" option. Usually a recessed button on the back of your router. If you need help with this just post back here router name and model and we can help.