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Getting "pdf file maker missing" error

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Vista is not ready. If you want to continue running Windows, I recommend you stay with XP for 1 or 2 more years and try Vista again. Many applications are not ready for Vista or require upgrades to run on Vista. Adobe's explains how they support (don't!) Vista here (1). If Vista is such a great OS to upgrade to, why does it take a a NINE PAGE DOCUMENT to describe how Adobe (doesn't!) support upgrades to it?

I have given up on Microsoft Windows

Even if you spend many hundreds of dollars (or thousands) PER WORKSTATION to upgrade your hardware, and your applications, and pay for that expensive Vista license, you will STILL have to face Microsoft Vista's stupid WGA capricious de-activations (2). I refuse to do that. I am switching to Linux and Mac OS X. With all of that expense and work to do, this is the best time to switch away from Windows ever. Good thing Linux and Mac OS X are ready for me.


(1) How Adobe products support Windows Vista

(2) Windows will be slowly phased out (completely)