Hardware firewall for 85 users ?

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Hardware firewall for 85 users ?

Hello everybody,

i would like to setup an hardware firewall in my company.

At this time we have.

One server running as file server and firewall
- Windows server 2003 R2 enterprise edition.

- Isa 2006 enterprise edition running as a gateway firewall.

- GFI web monitor real time antivirus scanning. (We block all the mp3, exe, msn, and scan all the remaning content with kaspersky and bitdefender).

- Kaspersky fileserver and workstation for each computer manage by Kaspersky administration kit.

All the incoming traffic is scanned by Isa 2006.
We also block all the msn messenger traffic.

To improve the safety i would like to setup a such firewall:
D-link DFL-M510
http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=2&pid=*** or Symantec? Gateway Security 300 Series

Could you give me your advices concerning such devices.

Thanks for your answers.