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But some input for you.

I use recruiters- hopefully for good and not evil. They can be great partners in my search for the next contract.

That said, I was contacted by a guy today- about two hours after I had accepted an offer and start date. The work he was contacting me with had very little to do with my actual skill sets. I have actually spoken with other recruiters about this opportunity and KNEW it was not a match.

I offered to send his contact and req to others that I know to be in the active market and better fits. When I received his note, it was bitter and sarcastic. I don't need that.

I personally am a bit tired of Indian companies that insist on sending me their reqs for $20 an hour on crap (read no benefit, no hire) "opportunities" that I would have to relocate several states to take when I am not even remotely suited to those reqs. And $20/hr is not even a conversation starter.

I am a tad tired of companies that are willing to drag my tail all over creation and not even begin to follow through on the crap they brought me into the interview process to discuss.

I have a short list of recruiters that I will talk to. I am sick of being badgered on my cell- killing minutes that I pay for- by some person that can't comprehend "no". Anyone else can talk to my voice mail.

I am good at what I do. Being a contractor isn't a sign of being a wh*re. I am really tired of it being taken so.