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If you'd like, I can interview you in depth sometime.

But before you say yes, know this:
1. I'm not on this site to drum up business.
2. IT is a minor discipline for me, therefore I'd have to schedule you for a weekend.

And before someone jumps on what I just stated under #2, "IT is a minor discipline for me" is correct as far as business goes. However, it's a major hobby for me when I have time. I have no IT related degrees, but can program in Cobra, lpc, html (w/o cheating), and have built every computer I've owned from scratch.

[[And now you're all thinking Cobra? WhoopieDo! I can program in C/C++/Pro*C/Visual C++.NET, VB.NET, Java (J2EE), Javascript, HTML, LAMP, PHP, Hibernate, XML, Korn/Bash Shell Scripting, ERWIN 4.1/3.5/3.x, Oracle Designer, ETL tools Informatica PowerCenter 7.1.4/7.1.2/6.2/5.1.2, PowerMart 7.1.4/7.1.2/6.2/5.1.1/5.0/4.7.2, ETL, ETI, OLAP, OLTP, Data Reports, Cognos Impromptu, Power play 6.6/7.x, Oracle 9i/8i/7.x, MS SQL server 2000, SQL, SQL Plus, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, TOAD 8i, Unix Shell Scripts, Developer 2000, HTML 4.0, Sun Solaris8, and HP-UX.]]