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Bend where you can but don't bend till you break.

I have had situations where I took less for a job I knew should pay more. The advantages were that I could improve an existing skill set and didn't have to worry about the next bowl of Friskies.

I clearly recall remarking to a recruiter friend near the end of 1999 that the bubble would break and over-paid people would discover that they were over paid. I never thought that those of us who had kept our salary expectations in alignment with national averages/skill set/accomplishments would also get nailed. I was very wrong.

Earlier, our original poster likened the process of job matching to a "dating site". Close. More like a marriage broker.

My fiance worked for the same company for over 28 years. That company split him out to a new company but working in the same location. He put up with a lot of cr@p projects and still got RIFT'ed when they decided that he was too expensive.

Now he is back at the same company that split him off. When that company kicked the split off to the curb, they thought that he would stay with them. It took a year or so to get him back.

I think he is making a major mistake but it is his career. I think he should have gone elsewhere, he doesn't. I support his choice.

His career has been a marriage. Not just dating, a marriage. He knows the faults, he is willing to accept them, and just gets on. As a contractor, I may not understand that, but I do respect it.

And it tells me that our marriage will be a good one. I don't have to worry about him- he's as loyal as they come.

An interesting connection.