Home Network Setup / Backup Solution

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Home Network Setup / Backup Solution

I am looking for a way to expand my home network, keep it secure, and have an automated backup.

We run two home-based businesses.

I'm not sure if I should setup a server, get a network storage device, or just an external drive for both work computers. I would like the most bang for my buck, but am willing to pay for something that is effective.

My current setup is using:
a Linksys wrt54g for my router/switch,
and an acomdata external hard drive to backup my inspiron.

I use a Dell inspiron 1720 for work (Vista)
My spouse runs a Dell Latitude D610 (XP) for her company (they are unrelated and do not share files)
We have an HP Pavilion a1340n that the kids use for their homework.

I also have a spare:
linksys router
2 older pc's
1 old toshiba satellite

We want to upgrade the latitude, and are still deciding between a PC and a laptop.

(The system should allow for the addition or 1-2 machines.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Forget about getting a NAS and fiddling with backup software, get one of these:

Windows Home Server
Can do complete image backups daily with no user interaction.

Seagate Mirra

Mirra is very cool, I plan to buy one next payday.

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Is this solution the best bang for the buck? Or the "coolest?"

I couldn't really find the Mirra in any local stores either....