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How Can I Recover Windows Hard Drive Data?

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Rob Kuhn

Two options:

1. Send it to a data recovery center. I had a drive were the motor had frozen up (the bearings were shot and it made a very high squeal sound). I sent it off to a local hard drive data recovery center and they said the platters and heads were good so they were able to read the data off the platters for us. Because of this they were able to provide us a listing of the files it could recover. I presented it to the user and she was able to select the files she needed. This was a cheap recovery. If I recall it set her department back $4K USD (this was back in 2004). She needed the data and since then she became real diligent at backing up her data and saving to the network -- often! :)

2. I don't recommend this but I have done this a few times with a hit-and-miss outcome. If you have another drive, same make and model, you can attempt to swap out the internals yourself. In situations like this the cost to have it recovered was more than it was worth so I had nothing really to lose. Sometimes all I needed to do was to swap out the external circuit board, on others I transplanted the entire intenrals. Just be careful not to get your fingerprint or any oil from your skin on anything! Try to work in the cleanest environment as possible.

HTH ... Best of luck!