How to open .OST file? Hack?

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How to open .OST file? Hack?

It's a long, sad story, but suffice it to say the geniuses in our network department changed the name of the Exchange server. Thus, when laptop users changed their Exchange settings, they had to create new OST files. Not a problem, except the network geniuses also lost some data, some of which will be copied into those OST files that we can't access because we changed the Exchange server name, and there's an intimate link between the server name and the OST file.

I need a utility to hack open that OST file, or convert it to a readable PST file (ideal).

A year ago, a user accidentally password-protected a PST file, and I found a utility that hacked the password. I can't believe there's nothing out there that can hack an OST file. Is this the only thing in Microsoft-world that is unhackable?

Thanks in advance.