How to play the backup file of h.264 dvr

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How to play the backup file of h.264 dvr

I am using a DVR with a video compression of H.264 and its saves the backup file in .lvf format which cant be open can anyone help out with it.

How to open .lvf file?
Have reviewed many urls but havent found any proper solution.
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Hi mate,
I have the same problem as you with the H.264 DVR recorder. If you download it, either by network or usb stick, then it uses .lvf format.

I used Elecard AVC HD Player; I won't link direct to file, but it's the top one (6.93Mb) http://www.elecard.com/download/

There are plugins for H.264 on WMP, but they didnt work for me, only the HD player itself.