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How was someone else able to control a library computer?

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I suppose that you're right, Slayer, that most public forums are going to be a mixed bag of wisdom and ignorance, good will and bad. And yeah, we all get to make choices about how we respond to people. The choice to respond to another's post IS the FIRST CHOICE. If one thinks someone's question should be dismissed for some reason, why even take the time to write a response? If you do write a response you have other choices: you can decide that you want to avoid hurting someone needlessly as you take the time to contribute thoughts that you (presumably) figure will be of some use to someone. Or you can be overly "blunt", as PurpleSkys said. But that's a choice too, and when you make it you can't blame others for asking why. And you're right, PurpleSkys, about how there really is no excuse for responding like a jerk. If you've had a bad day then do the kinds of things that decent, mature adults do to get rid of stress or whatever but spare the rest of us. Clearly some people on Tech Republic have a pretty narrow idea of who should be recognized as a welcome visitor to the Republic and a rightful speaker in a forum. Thankfully other members of TR have extended themselves to defend my right to be here, to answer my (sincere, non-sinister) question, to express concern for my wellbeing, and to apologize for other TR members who'd dismissed me, or snarled at me, or sneered at me, or did all three by turns. (And Slayer_, you were not rude to me, and thank you for that. I WASN'T looking for "evil" suggestions, but given your lack of meanness to me ----even after I distanced myself from your how-to-take-revenge feedback --- I'm gonna bet you've got a good heart behind that cynical, devil-may-care online persona.) I do think that I and other non-geeks (who have searched elsewhere unsuccessfully for answers) have every reason and every right to show up at TR in the hope that experts will help us with our questions if they want to and they can. And apparently most of y'all (Thank you, Juanita Marquez) agree with me, so....cool.