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I have made the decison to fully upgrade to Ubuntu....

By 2Shane ·
Note: My opinion based upon my expereinces are mine and they may or may not, in full or in part, be the same or similar to other peoples experiences and or opinions.

To start:

Hi I am Gay and Christian.. and what you may say has this to do with Ubuntu and Microscoff Fista?


See when the Linux community comes to me, it's rather like my boyfriend, with a big smile and a jar of vaseline in his hand - it' warm, loving and affectionate - and it's going to open me up to lots of wonderful new experiences.

When I think of Microsoft, it's like Mr Angry and "makes up stories" Steve Ballme r chasing me around the room with a big pineapple in his hand, telling me that for only a few thousand dollars, he is going to make me like it.

I don't think so.

Now you see I am not a Gnow it all, I just do.

I have been running windows from D0S 6.22 / Win 3.11 - to the present HEX PEE.

And I have been having really honest efforts to change completely over to Linux distributions, mainly because I find that MS's formulation of an OS to be unsavoury at best and dishonest at worst.

I found that I have limited time and brain power and I have lots to do. I like learning but I also like to spend my time getting the job done instead of spending huge amounts of time, learning how to use the things I need to get it done.

The earlier distro's of linux required me to do a crash course in "programming" and I had no tutoring and little time and an awful lot to learn - seemingly beyond my comprehension.

I feel that the Ubuntu 7.04 has given me enough of an edge to get a full operating system up and running, with enough left over to learn more of the indepth stuff, if I really want or need too, after I have the OS fully up and running.

Bingo - this is the magic point where I can get on board and run with it.

I feel that it could go a little bit further and have more clarity and simple step by step explainations - like a first grade reader book..

I kind of like a challenge and learning is fun - and the Ubuntu really ought to have a fully downloadable (on the hard drive) help section, including stuff from the forums..

And it ought to be cataloged - 25 explanations of varying quality and content, and ability to follow are not an efficient way to disseminate the "How-Too's".

Ummmmmmmmmm The great things about this Linux distro -

Well it works.

It's stable and reliable.

I like it.

I can PROGRAM my own OS to do things that I want, the way I want them too.

No more secret lockie - outie crap from MS.

I am finding that Ubuntu is really really good.

Ok now the anti Microscoff slant.

I kind of like / hate MS.

I feel that with people being people - both inside and outside of MS, that it's a challenging issue to get anything up and running and to make an income from it.

OK so some sympathy to MS there.. BUT...

The reason I have solidly made the decision to go with Ubuntu Linux is because:

My C drive after 4 or so years of solid work, was finally dying... the read write error etc...

So I looked up all the MS stuff on the subject of backing up my entire operating system.

The MS website'S, said that MS back up and something or other "shadow technology" (MS's interpretation of disk imaging) would save me in advance from accidentally deleted files and hard drive failures.

I then sent a webform email off the the MS site help, and I ended up having a HUGE **** fight through MS's outsourced IQ by rote call center., and the whole tech department over this ONE simple question.

"Ok there is lots of stuff in the MS sites, on backing up with the MS back up and shadow imaging, in case of accidental deletion of files or hard drive failures."

"I plan to back up my entire C drive to a USB disk and then reinstall it onto a new hard drive".

"But in respect to impending hard drive failures, once I have backed it all up, because there is NOTHING in any of the MS sites on how to do it, I am asking you how do I reinstall it to a NEW hard drive".

I went through about 4 or 5 phone calls and the MS staff fighting with me, and me getting stuck into them... for pissing me around and trying to bullshit their way out of it.

Sooo after much ado.. I was finally informed that you CANNOT really back up your hard drive, nor can you reinstall unless you have a volume license and a MS supplied disk image.

And the webform email went from the USA, to Australia and the MS sales... and they told me to ring tech support...

Well WTF is the Microsoft USA HELP webform for????

And I went "OFThis"... yeah great - more of the little corporate pricks, making me tow their line, so that I now have to reinstall all my XP stuff, I also have to re-register everything, and then download all the patches and updates and all my software and then I have to reload all my working files and then I have to reconfigure everything to work the way I like it...

(working 10 to 5 (10am till 5am) it's a 10 day job)

Noooo simple copy off and copy back on over a cup of tea... Naaaaaaa I was also told that MS even builds in key scrambling software for the users of proper disk imaging products....

And I went "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am just soooooo sick of MS and all their bullshit - this is the last straw.

The relationship is OVER, - "Give me the keys, here's your bags, there's the door, the taxi is on it's way, here's $20 for a one way fare - good bye; now get your arse out the door".

I have some remaining work in XP / office 2000, and while Open Office does really need to improve in terms of stability cause it does do funny things beyond the simple and short; I am starting to see that with a little more time, it probably would really improve and become a solid and robust set of programs.

I have erased MS completely off my Presario 2100 laptop and it runs just fine with Ubuntu 7.04...

One of the things I noted was that the hard drive is no longer spinning it's guts out trying to do anything..

With XP it was a like a small 4 cylinder car trying to tow a double horse float up a muddy hill...

And now with Linux, there is just the odd quiet ticker noise every 4 or 5 seconds, when the drive has to actually read and write..

It's like WOW...

I used to live directly opposite a very busy train line - across a narrow street... going up a long incline and the noise - it drove me mad at first and after a while I got used to it.. a couple of years later.. trains what trains?

But what used to send me into "What mode", was when the trains stopped running....

"Silence???" and it's like this with my laptop....

"Whaaaa???" It's running all this stuff and it's almost as if it isn't even on...????


And I only have to keep XP until I finish up a heap of work and then it's getting permanently retired.

I am needing to learn how to use WINE and I may even pay to buy some proprietary software to run some windows apps as a virtual machine through Linux...

I am not one to throw money about.. I can only type so fast and my needs are modest...

I have NO intention of upgrading to Windows Fista for several reasons.

I hate MS and it's sleazy DRM and surveilance and lack of modifier unfriendly software....

I can't do lots of simple **** like kill off information balloons and.. just tons of irritable and dumb stuff.... I hate the My Favourites (docs, vids, music and pix)... I hate all the software that defaults in to saving stuff in these folders...

I just think.. "Who ever dreamed this up should be kicked..." (fool etc.) I have my OWN filing system with specific topics / adgendas / subjects in my own layouts and locations.

Just tones of stuff... and while I want to do something about it, I can't... or I can and it's not really easy... or it's some vauge and convoluted process.. that is usually not disclosed by Microsoft.

And the ultimate **** off about all of this for me is to be getting my HIGH maintainace system more or less down pat (operationally speaking), and to then suffer from impending Hard Drive failure and to then have to go through all of it again because the shits in Microsoft have decided that I am not allowed to do it... and they do it by making back up software that doesn't.

I know from experience that it's smart to forget the whole MS backing up thing and to simply COPY ones files onto a USB hard drive...

One of the MAJOR rubs with this pedantic **** mentality that Microsoft serves up is that with XP Pro, the stupid backup software installs with the installation of the OS and with XP home, you have to either go get or find your installation disk and then copy it across and then install it...

I mean why do this kind of purile bullshit...

The next REAL incentive to giving MS the arse is that they have "Grades of Operating System".. it's like Stupid Telstra's mobile phone plans....

No "Just on and call at a flat rate".. noooo there are slights of hand and traps and variations to the call rates like the phases of the moon...

Same with Microsoft Fista... I'd be doing the one UNIT, and what people don't use they don't use....

But bloody MS makes all these price gouging wroughts... for incremental capability... and I'd bet that MS excludes pratical user tools from the most basic editions that the top dollar versions cost....

Then the same price gouging antics apply..

So to go the full on MS Fista.. Here in Aus..

$1100 for Office 2007 and $900 for MS Fista and then toss in another $1000 or so for the new high powered box to run all this crap....

I am just thinking...

Ubunto is free.

It's now comparatively easy to use.

There is tonnes of really great software - like 21,400 bits of it...

I can configure it to work how I want.

There are NO stupidly locked in settings... I don't have Favourites, I have my own stuff and I can put it where I want...

And I am just sooo grateful to all the wonderful people who care enough to make this brilliant software and who like to share it...

In a world seemingly flooded with corporate scumbags on the take, Ubuntu and Linux and all the people who make the software, it feels like nice place to be in.. instead of drowning in "John Howard / George Bush" kinds of bullshit.

You inspire me to become a better person

I want to learn how to do things in Linux and to share it with other people too.

And Microsoft after the crap you guys have pulled over the years selling software that is so buggy that it should never have been released - followed up by the last bullshit trip ever over backing my hard drive up...

Naaaaaa, No way.... you can stick your price gouging, your shoddy treatment of me and all of your DRM's and "Agreements", and your MS Fista up your arse.

It's my computer, I'll do with it what I want, when I want, with the software that I want... not because Microsoft tries to get away with making me.

Microsoft, it's secret deals and licenses have no more rights in my life or in my computer....

Living with MS has been like living with a lying thieving junkie ***** partner..... in a carefully cultivated PR image and business suit.

No more.

The relationship is over and the complete migration to Linux and Open Source is now a solid commitment.

And to all who have stuck this out...

I am HAPPY to be embracing Ubuntu Linux and I am happy to be getting MS and it's OS out of my life and out of my computers.

And I can do a FULL DISK IMAGE back up of Ubuntu.. minus all the MS crapfest.

Yay Linux.

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Re:fully upgrade to Ubuntu

Wow what a post.
Be little more calm with "the bad words" next time, it is not good. Nice to see that you have moved on (as they say). You can back up anything with the right software and Paragon software is the software for you, it does windows and Linux (boot disks also). Get Pro version (best (for the best)).It is better then the windows basic backup. And it can run on 64bit systems or servers.I have Ubunto also and it runs like a dream, plus all the updates download what you have installed on your system not what you should have installed. Be happy. Be with Linux and smile.

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2Shane is my new hero

by Jack-M In reply to I have made the decison t ...

I don't have the time to rewrite all the complaints 2Shane had about MS but I can say Ditto! I'm in the process of trying to convince Sr. Mgmt. to go Ubuntu but they are so enamored of MS and afraid to learn/try anything new it's an uphill battle. Hopefully the $$ will convince them but I have my doubts. My feelings on that....job security for years for Jack.

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Yeah I'd change over in a second... if it was MY IT dept...

by 2Shane In reply to 2Shane is my new hero

And I'd only do it if I had the training and experience in Linux / Ubuntu.... and or the capacity to train others. BEFORE I did it....

I have found that after many efforts in the past to get a linux app on a machine, I had the often too large a step from the MS braindead do mostly nothing, to Linux's rapid programmer skills learning curve, to be too steep and too hard...

Ubuntu was the turning point to be just simple enough to get a running system and to keep it running while sort of stabbing around in the dark - with disjointed and or vague advice from people who with good intentions, frequently gave lousy instructions....

But it is MUCH better than windows... I really like it...

And all them petty gripes about windows..

Uhhhh spare me. No more MS monopoly police on my system...

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