I need some good phone advice....

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I need some good phone advice....

Ok the introduction,

I was introduced to this board by a IT placement manager that I highly respect. I have read quite a few reviews on the site and realize that there are definately some top ranking techs on this site.

I am a new IT Admin in a small business environment. I just got the job and have allready well past pushed the envelope of what I know for network administration and security. I have had a few productivity meetings with the president and sales manager of the company and it has been decided that we need a phone system upgrade. I have researched fully the VOIP option and know that we will are not wanting to go that far yet. I do however know that our new phone system needs an upgrade BAD. I've looked pretty hard and asked many people for advice to get nearly no where directly.

the punchline:

I need some help finding an appropriate phone system for the office.

The phone system needs to have the following features and capabilities and price is not a option right now. We just need everything to work. The system is only a 3 line system right now and one of which is a fax. I know a new line willl be added soon for myself once I get out of product training and more lines are without a doubt going to be inevitable. Maybe all the way up to eight lines in the future and when we go past that, I will research deeper the VOIP options.

Interference factors that are involved:

1) Bellsouth business dsl (so noise margins need to remain a factor, the noise margins on the line are at 24 up and 28 down so we have some play)

2) Fax machine

Features that are required:

1) I would like a IVR if possible for directory assistance

2) phones need to be wireless

3) inner office transfer

4) proper voicemail routing for each line

5) expandable to at least 8 handsets

6) possible ability to control hold music, but definate ability to place a customer on hold

7) and possible software integration capability

I appreciate anyone's input on this and thank the site admins for welcoming me to the board. If you are going to provide advice on this, please specify clearly what you are talking about. I have allready done a ton of research and finding a generic phone is not exactly easy. Like my buddy told me, maybe we should get a meridian phone system. I looked it up on Goiogle and found about a billion of those. I.E. PLease provide product names and/or models, links, etc... I hope to grow and maintain a fruitful future in the IT industry, but hey everyone has to ask questions at some point in time Thanks!