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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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...and is extremely pleased with it. I know, because when he comes over, he constantly gloats over how long things take to download on my cable modem ("oh, guess the neighbor kids are downloading illegal music again...haha"). Additionally, things do seem to pull up quicker on his system as opposed to mine (and my PC is actually much better, plus I use Firefox with no add-ins...he uses IE with various toolbars and add-ins).

I'm not sure how his broadband would be impacted by scaled usage (relatively few people have it in his area...despite it being a pilot test zone). Though, I will say, with Comcast giving away a Wii with every 2 year subscription, I am fairly certain my connection speeds will be taking severe hits shortly!

The only service that is comparable is the phone. I haven't had a single complaint about the phone (the screening of anonymous #'s is a nice feature...so I do have one nice thing to say about Comcast)...and so far, neither has he (I can't say we've compared features between the services, though).

For me, when it is available, even if the service wasn't appreciably better, it would be worthwhile to move. A). Comcast has had a local monopoly for far too long, and as a result B). Comcast's customer service absolutely stinks...whereas, I can honestly say I've had good experience with AT&T (cell phone account as well as business class use), and my friend has yet to encounter any problems with them (he said the installation went well...which means a lot if you ever deal with a firm like Comcast).

Hope this helps!