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Internet goes down across an organization. What do you do to troubleshoot?

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the boss's nephew, who tries to download the entire Internet onto his Chromebook and complains that "the Internet" is down 4x a week. And while you are in your chair, take a glance out the window and make sure there isn't a backhoe working next to the service entrace for your T1.

With that out of the way, take your laptop and, listening for the sounds of grumbling from other users as you make your way to the main router, (so as to make sure it is really down for everyone). Then, by looking to make sure a light is on at the module where your T1 plugs in to the router, and thus making sure they haven't tripped the breaker, again, by plugging the coffee pot into the same receptacle, again, see if you have service to the switches by plugging in your laptop (into which you have hardoded an IP address and DNS server) to see if you get access at the router. You do have a straight-thru cable with you, right?

Oh yeah, and if you find that Internet access is being provided by a modem, you aren't in as large an organization as you think.