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Internet goes down across an organization. What do you do to troubleshoot?

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Alec Lerg

We have two ISPs and a server for DHCP, if the main network or backup network is down, the first thing that we do is make the changes in the server for the user to start using the other network, until we find the solution for the problem. The main network is where most of the user are connected to, the second network we have it as a backup in case the main network goes down, but still we have a couple of user in the second ISP, that way we know it the backup network is down.
We have KS-HostMonitor, monitoring the network so, that way we know if there is a problem in the LAN or with the ISPs. Just yesterday we had a problem with the backup network. One of the users told me that the network was really slow, so I connected my computer to that network to realized that in fact it was really slow. In speedtest, it gave me less than 1MB and I ping to and it gave me around 700ms in response. I contacted the ISP and they asked me to connect directly to the modem, I did that and it still was slow, after that they realized that the problem was on their end, and finally they replaced their equipment.
Having a backup network is what has save our company and being able to do the necessary changes fast by having the DHCP server.