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ITIL - Change & Release Management

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rob mekel

Any Change made will result in a change in the CMDB. There for will effect your release mngmnt

As I read your question it comes to mind that the issue you are referring to is more related to Update versus Upgrade or Patch versus Release. As you say "what constitutes a Change versus what constitutes a Release"

As Changemngmnt has to do with the way you choze to get the changes trough to your organisation / to put them in effect or NOT.
As Releasemngmnt holds the results of what is the current state. The desicion made on whether or not to go through with a certain change is made in the Changemngmnt proces not in/by the Releasemngmnt proces.

Changemngmnt therefor is leading Releasemngmnt is the follower even if Releasemngmnt has an issue with certain soft- or hardware it has to follow the route of ITIL to get a OK from Changemngmnt to put it into effect.