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ITIL - Change & Release Management

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Miquel Gantzer

Rob's comments make a lot of sense, although the initial post probably suggests that the processes in place are not as ITILized as they could. Change Management is all about assessing and deciding which Changes will be implemented in the managed systems. Release management might focus on how these changes are going to be grouped (if needed), published, moved into the production environment, or whatever is the right approach depending on the type of system being managed.

What was probably missing in the initial scenario was some type of CMDB. The Configuration Management Database might allow you to record what changes were suggested, why, when, by whom, and whether they were approved or not (even why that decision was taken). And then in which release (as in when) they were made available. Depending on the complexity of the system maintained, this can be something as easy as a Spreadsheet, or something as 'terrifying' as a commercial CMDB from some vendor of ITIL-flavoured suites.